My favorite animal

bernese mountain dog The Bernese Mountain Dog is a fluffy dog breed that’s known for its family loyalty and affectionate natures. Originating in Switzerland, they were bred to be versatile working dogs and could be found herding cattle, pulling carts and guarding the land. Today, their happy-go-lucky […]


meaning Bullying is when someone is being hurt either by words or actions on purpose, usually more than once, feels bad because of it, and has a hard time stopping what is happening to them. why a bully must stop Bullying can affect your life […]

animated movies

FROZEN 2 Elsa the Snow Queen has an extraordinary gift – the power to create ice and snow. But no matter how happy she is to be surrounded by the people of Arendelle, Elsa finds herself strangely unsettled. After hearing a mysterious voice call out […]